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We care and we

We care and we act is an initiative developed at Flores Funza that compiles all our efforts in two areas that are part of our core values and have defined the kind of company we are. It is a an internal SIG (Spanish acronym for “Sistema Integrado de Gestión”) or Integrated Management System that have allowed us to receive several worldwide certifications.

Social Responsability

Every day close to 3000 people come to work at Flores Funza, many of which are women who besides raising a family are responsible for some part of the intricate flower production process. We value their commitment and see our work force as one of the most importan assets we can count on. As part of our WE CARE & WE ACT initiative here are some of the actions we take in this crucial chapter of our production process: Flores Funza has always been aware of the importance of maintaining a structured philosophy and our social responsibility as an employer. As a result, several programs are in place to support the individual development of each of our workers. Providing a healthy, respectful, and growing opportunity environment for our workers benefit all the parties involved, we understand it and we believe in it. Freedom of association is one of the minimal rights an employee should benefit from. No worker will ever be subject to dismissal, discrimination, harassment, intimidation or retaliation by reason of their membership in a lawful workers association or Union.

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment is certified by international entities.
We are Flores Funza – The Art of Blooming.

Human Rights Policy